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Do those electronic abdominal devices you see advertised on TV, like the Ab Energizer, really work? Why haven't I seen any ads for them lately?

Save your money. Electronic devices like the Ab Energizer, AbTronic, Fast Abs, Ab Force, and others, made fraudulent claims and lots of money. They were under investigation for their fraudulent claims and have now been charged by the Federal Trade Commission and forced to cease all deceptive advertising and practices. If you find any of these products for sale now, it will be in the want ads, yard sales, auction sites, etc. The old saying, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is" is absolutely true here.

To get a great set of visible abs you need the following:

Scientifically proven abominal exercises (done regularly and with proper form)

Proper nutrition, including serving and portion control, to remove the fat that obscures the visible muscles

It is important to note that even the strongest set of abs will not be visible with a layer of fat over them. Nutrition is an important part of having great looking abs. Ab exercises WILL NOT spot-reduce body fat off your abdominal area (or any area).